Healing While You Sleep


There is nothing more healing than a good night’s sleep. It allows our bodies to repair, rejuvenate and recover from the wear and tear we place on it daily. There are lots of things we can do can ensure we not only receive a good night’s sleep, but help heal pain naturally. Here are a few things to begin your healing process each night.

Mattress Matchmaking

Picking the right type of mattress for your body and your health is important. Sleeping on a firm mattress is best for most sufferers of back pain. But remember, too much firmness may place pressure on sensitive areas. Test drive your mattress before you buy. Many mattress makers allow a 30 or up to a 100-day warranty to test drive their mattress before you make a major commitment in purchasing.

Throwing in the Towel

Placing a towel under your knees while you sleep helps with keeping your body aligned. This technique is easy to do. Roll up a traditional bath towel and place it under your knees while lying back. It will help support your spine by helping your legs stay aligned as well. This also reduces stress on your lower back as well as your hips. Remember, this only works when you also have a pillow under your head to support and align your neck and shoulders.

Sleep Savvy

The way you sleep can cause you discomfort when you arise. When you move in bed, try to move your entire body as one unit. Don’t twist and turn at the waist. Experiment with positions such as lying on your back or your stomach; both have advantages and disadvantages. If you choose to sleep on your stomach, place a rolled-up towel under your lower abdomen and pelvis. If you prefer to sleep on the side, draw your legs closer to your chest and place a pillow (full body pillow works well here) between your knees. Whichever way you prefer, remember that supporting your spine, neck and shoulders is imperative.