Evaluation and Treatment

Sometimes, two heads truly are better than one; chronic pain can be difficult to diagnose and even trickier to treat.

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Complex cases

According to the American Medical Association’s Code of Medical Ethics, “Physicians should recommend that a patient obtain a second opinion whenever they believe it would be helpful in the care of the patient.” If you have a patient who hasn’t responded to current treatment and who suffers from intractable, relentless pain, we can help.

What we can do for your patients

Chronic pain is an equal-opportunity offender; it spares no organ system in the body. Our treatment options are tailored to the specific cause. While the majority of patients suffering from chronic pain experience low back or neck pain; isolated limb pain and tailbone pain are becoming symptoms that are frequently experienced by our patients. There are a multitude of causes for these maladies, ranging from bulging discs, arthritis or spondylosis, to spinal stenosis.

Evaluation & Treatment

We use some of the most cutting-edge technology available to evaluate and diagnose the source of chronic pain, including the most advanced imaging machine, the Zhiem Solo C-Arm.

Digital fluoroscopy has made a major impact to precision delivery of steroids and local anesthetics to pain causing tissues.

Patients with radicular pain usually benefit from epidural steroid injections either via interlaminar or transforaminal injection techniques. Some patients have mostly axial or truncal pain from facet arthropathy. These patients do well with therapeutic facet joint blocks or subsequent radiofrequency ablation of the medial branch nerves supplying the joints with pain.

While the majority of our interventions are aimed at decreasing or eliminating pain, we also work in partnership with some of the finest medical professionals in Georgia. These partnerships allow us to provide the best comprehensive pain management and treatment plans to our patients.