Our Care Team

Effective pain management requires a balanced approach and a circle of dedicated caregivers.

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Clinical Staff

The Hemlock Pain Center is comprised of highly trained and dedicated professionals. Each team member takes great pride in providing the highest quality patient care based on their area of expertise.


Patient Advocacy

Our physicians and staff are here every day for our patients, and we treat each person with the dignity and care they deserve. Moreover, we understand that successful treatment of chronic pain is constantly evolving; we take pride in being able to offer the latest and most effective treatments to our patients. Don’t take our word for it – see what other patients say about the Hemlock Pain Center:

Then I heard about The Hemlock Pain Center from a friend and immediately asked my doctor for a referral. I was not concerned about the cost at the time – I just wanted to find pain relief! Within a week I had my first appointment and was able to work through insurance and payment options with the office staff.

In my first plan of care, I received a pain pump which worked GREAT for several years. Unfortunately I started getting infections at the point of the pump’s injection site. My doctor switched my plan of care to a nerve stimulator in March 2011. I like that my doctor is willing to try new and improved ways to treat my chronic pain. They are very good at explaining how everything works and what their plan of action is. I now have appointments every 30 days. We are constantly fine-tuning my treatment to maintain maximum pain relief.
— Current Patient

I experienced my first ruptured disc in 1999. It was repaired surgically. Then in 2003 I ruptured and fractured a second cervical disc as I was jumping down off my truck. I returned to the same neurosurgeon who performed my first surgery. It was determined that because of the location of the fractured disc, the surgery would have to be performed by going through my chest. Due to other health problems at the time, I was not a candidate for this surgical technique. The doctor sat me and my wife down and explained that there was nothing he could do for me. Little did he know that his next sentence would turn out to be a life saver. My surgeon referred me to The Hemlock Pain Center for pain management.

I plan to stay with The Hemlock Pain Center for as long as I live. My pain was relentless. The Hemlock Pain Center doctors have worked with me to keep me as normal as possible. I would recommend Hemlock to anyone in pain. I would drive to Atlanta or even to the ends of the earth for them. I truly believe that these good people were sent by God to help me, and I pray every night to thank God they are in my life.
—Current Patient