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Our specialists are available to partner with primary care physicians and other specialists to ensure quality care for patients in pain.

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How to reach out

We have the ability to accept electronic referrals from referring physicians. For those providers using the eClinicalWorks EMR we accept P2P referrals.

If you prefer to fax your referral, please use the referral form below:

Patient Referral Fax Form

We are devoted to providing quality care though interventional pain management, and we welcome the opportunity to partner with fellow physicians. If you are a primary care provider with patients who suffer from unresolved lower back pain, fibromyalgia, end-of-life conditions, or neuropathic pain, we will gladly work with you to evaluate each case and create individualized care plans.

We specialize in interventional pain management for conditions such as spinal pain and chronic back pain. We are happy to provide consultations on a case-by-case or partnering basis. We are available to provide consultation services for primary care providers with patients who suffer from chronic pain. Our services include a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s medical history and treatment progress. We are also available to assess the patient’s current drug module and recommend alternative treatment options when warranted.

High-quality care

The physicians and staff at The Hemlock Pain Center understand chronic pain. It is all we do. We know the impact chronic pain can have over the mental, physical and psychosocial health of your patients. In this light we try to intervene as early as possible and partner with you to break the cycle of inadequate pain control that can quickly spiral into depression, loss of function, or even disability.