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Chronic pain is an equal opportunity offender; it spares no organ system in the body. Our treatment options are tailored to the specific cause. While the majority of patients suffering from chronic pain experience low back or neck pain, isolated limb pain and tailbone pain are becoming symptoms that are frequently experienced by our patients. There are a multitude of causes for these maladies, ranging from bulging discs, aging, arthritis and spondylosis, to spinal stenosis.

Patients with radicular pain usually benefit from epidural steroid injections either via interlaminar or transforaminal injection techniques. Some patients have mostly axial or truncal pain from facet arthropathy. These patients do well with therapeutic facet joint blocks or subsequent radio frequency ablation of the medial branch nerves supplying the joints with pain.

While the majority of our interventions are aimed at decreasing or eliminating pain, we also work in partnership with the finest surgeons in Georgia.

In some severe cases, we work with world-class companies and use cutting edge technology to control some of the most difficult and painful back and limb pain. At the Hemlock Pain Center/Hemlock ASC we are able to use a technique called “neuromodulation”. Neuromodulation allows us to directly stimulate a specific portion of the spinal cord. Using this technique even some of the most severe pain can be fairly controlled.

We utilize imaging for precise delivery.

To ensure the pinpoint accuracy in our treatments, we use digital fluoroscopy for precise delivery of steroids and local anesthetics to pain causing tissues. At the Hemlock Pain Center/Hemlock ASC we pride ourselves in using the most advanced imaging machine with the Zhiem Solo C-Arm. We are also in the forefront of emerging technologies and will soon be using ultrasound guidance in some treatment to minimize our patients’ exposure to x-rays.

Innovative and personalized treatment methods.

We are dedicated to alleviating pain for our patients and use personalized care plans to tailor a pain relief path for each one. That includes using cutting-edge devices and equipment to harnessing the power of your own body to boost healing with Regenerative Medicine. If you’d like to know more about Regenerative Therapy or if you are a candidate click below or contact a Patient Care Coordinator by calling, 844-822-6444.

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