Pain Management Tools


Tracking your pain

We encourage patients to keep daily records of their pain: When it is at its worst? When is it at its most mild? What specific daily tasks do you find difficult or painful, or even impossible?

Prior to your first appointment, you will be asked for some of this information in your New Patient Packet. Keeping diligent records of your pain will make it easier to accurately report to your physician, and thus more helpful in your treatment.

Custom treatment plans

There are many kinds of pain clinics available including both doctor and non-physician treatment strategies. Many physician-run clinics (not pain centers) focus heavily on medications, including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone shots and opioids. These types of therapies, while sometimes effective, generally do not offer lasting relief.

The Hemlock Pain Center utilizes cutting-edge technology and chronic pain treatment expertise to create a custom-tailored plan for your individual needs, whatever they may be. We strive to find the source of the pain and treat the problem, rather than just alleviating symptoms.

We also recognize and acknowledge the crucial role of other pain-alleviating modalities from non-physician providers such as psychologists and physical therapists, and other alternative methods including acupuncture and massage therapy. We work in conjunction with these professionals to provide comprehensive pain management.