Treating Your Pain


Acute vs. Chronic Pain

The degree and type of pain is different for every patient. It can range from mild and occasional to overwhelming and frequent. In terms of clinical classification, pain presents in one of two ways: Acute and chronic.

Acute pain is typically caused a by condition or circumstance. Perhaps you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident or diagnosed with a critical condition, such as cancer. Acute pain comes on suddenly and is typically sharp. It may be your body’s way of warning you or simply recovery from trauma, such as surgery. Acute pain rarely lasts longer than six months. Once the root cause has been treated or healed, acute pain disappears as well.

Chronic pain is more pervasive and more persistent. Untreated or unrelieved acute conditions can lead to chronic pain, which can last anywhere from months to years and lead to limited mobility, general lethargy, anxiety, and clinical depression. Debilitating headaches, lower back pain, hip or joint pain, nerve damage – all are types of chronic pain. It can also present with no visible cause and require more extensive diagnosis from a pain specialist.

Treatment Goals

The Hemlock Pain Center specializes in the treatment of chronic pain. Our personnel are trained and experienced in advanced medical procedures for chronic pain relief. Our methods are generally more advanced and utilize specialized methodologies that cannot be found in most other physicians’ offices.

It is always our goal to relieve your pain to the extent that you can lead a normal, active life, unhindered by chronic pain. Our physicians will work with you to achieve this goal through a wide array of advanced medical techniques and procedures, depending on your unique needs.